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Inspirado Projecto Radio | 5/29/17 | radio interview about Glenda and Twin Peaks

Geek Exchange | 5/21/17 | write-up about a Twin Peaks inspired short Christine produced and starred in: "Christine [Hassay] armed with a spot-on Kimmy Robertson impression."

Stage 5 | 5/06/16 | video interview about "June, Adrift"

Ms. In the Biz | 12/17/14 | article mentioning "June, Adrift," the feature Christine wrote, produced, and starred in: "I LOVED it.  Full of heart and fun, “June, Adrift” is a complete gift of an indie film." - Helenna Santos, Ms. In The Biz

The Cecil Whig | 7/17/13 | article about the making of "June, Adrift"

IndieReign | 6/7/13 | blog announcing "June, Adrift" as Project of the Month:  "June, Adrift was the hands down winner, and we were just blown away by the force of this team’s fans!"


Actress Obsession | 3/20/16 | article "Indie Darling Christine [Hassay]" 

"There’s a shining light in comediennes that deserve an ovation and the lovable Christine [Hassay] is imminently poised for adoration."

"“June, Adrift” might be a work of fiction but it’s steeped in true to life experiences and indie genre fans enthusiastically praised it for having plenty of heart. It’s fitting that Christine is lauded for being driven and an intelligent creative talent by her co-creator/writer Amanda as their infusion of comic verve in the film is priceless."

"Described as quirky and pleasantly engaging, Christine’s appeal is odds on to score warm approval."

- Haren D D Yong, blogger "Actress Obsession"

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